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TLR Hydraulic and Air in San Antonio is your premier hydraulic repair shop that specializes in rebuilding and repairing hydraulic and pneumatic components. With over 25 years experience, our certified mechanics can diagnose and repair any hydraulic issue on any piece of equipment.’TLR is also a supplier for hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Anything not carried in our stock can be available within 24 hours, and guaranteed to fit your application.’TLR can help to diagnose and troubleshoot any hydraulic issue an any piece of equipment. We can assist in the design and installation of full hydraulic and pneumatic systems to move, lift, or turn anything your company needs.

TLR is equipped with a full machine shop, carrying most common sizes of chrome rod in house. This allows us to make new cylinder rods, gland, pistons, and housing on site, with minimal down time in order to serve our customers as quickly and effectively as possible.
TLR has CAT certified mechanics that can repair or replace any pump, whether it is Gear, Piston or Vane driven. We can also supply new pumps, motors and valves. TLR is an interchange capable company, with vendors for ANY Make and Model of components.

TLR is also a supplier of thousands of hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Anything we don’t carry in stock is available within 24 hours, and guaranteed to fit your application. We can build any kit, and do it much less than the original OEM manufacturer.

TLR also employs master fabricators, capable of creating custom cylinders, pins, bushings, mounts, brackets and just about anything else needed to make your equipment work the way you want it to.

TLR is fully insured, and OSHA compliant. We promote a safe, clean work environment and use the utmost caution when working in the field to minimize accidents and spills. You can rest assured that when TLR comes to your site, we will act in a professional and responsible manner, while offering the fastest service possible.